Toronto Marketing Consultant - Yusuf Gad

“Yusuf. The Toronto Marketing Consultant.”

I’m a respected, hired-gun Toronto marketing consultant and Toronto branding consultant. My marketing consulting solutions have been sought after by small and big businesses, as well as new and famous brands.

I’ve even consulted on the branding, marketing and advertising of other branding, marketing and advertising agencies!

As a branding consultant and marketing consultant in Toronto, I create branding, marketing and advertising tactics and campaigns that act as the foundations for my clients’ successes.

Like many other aspects of business, marketing can be a pain in the ass. My job is to ensure it isn’t for you.

My creative consulting has resulted in marketing and advertising campaigns that have seen increased social engagement, grew brand awareness, drove sales and heightened the competitive advantage for my clients’ businesses.

My clients include companies in such diverse industries as retail, financial services, healthcare, SaaS firms, startups, Fintech, technology, entertainment, fashion, cosmetics, consulting, and non-profits.

(Fun fact: I’m also an in-demand copywriter who often writes most of the content for my clients!)

My Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  For the last six months, my team and I have worked closely with Yusuf on a complex social media application for an international audience. His brand strategy, design suggestions and detailed knowledge of the user experience have helped us craft something unique and highly marketable. It's work that myself and my team are very proud of. Looking forward to continuing to work with you!

    thumb Stephane Giraudie

    review rating 5  Yusuf Gad rebranded our company. 8 years later we still get comments on how great our brand is. There is no better.

    thumb Jack Shapiro

    review rating 5  A definitive outside-the-box thinker, I've worked with Yusuf on a number of projects and have never been disappointed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend for businesses large or small.

    thumb Michael Miller
  • review rating 5  Fantastic understanding of my business' marketing needs! Hire Yusuf!

    thumb Michael Payne

    review rating 5  We've worked with Yusuf on a couple of projects. Extremely professional, reliable, intelligent. Always available to answer questions, and has a keen ability to see the matter at hand from a new point of view. Smart guy, and hard worker. Very insightful with his observations, and his recommendations. Professional from start to finish.

    thumb H2O Float Spa

    review rating 5  Great consultant. Very knowledgeable in all marketing mediums. Created great content and landing pages. Great branding specialist.

    thumb Vlad Stetsyk
  • review rating 5  I've worked with Yusuf on several branding projects and he truly is one of the most professional marketers I know. Not only is he always open to new ideas, but he is highly conceptual and a fantastic writer to boot. I strongly recommend Yusuf for anyone looking for a dependable, natural leader.

    thumb Stephanie Daniele

    review rating 5  Yusuf Gad has an amazing breadth of knowledge and ability to think outside the box. Really helped us to rethink our brand strategy. Can’t thank him enough for his open, honest and professional approach!

    thumb vacurrie79

    review rating 5  My company worked with Yusuf to change our branding and marketing strategy and he did an excellent job as a consultant. He executed exactly what we had hoped for, and we continue to use the brand he created. I would highly recommend him to anyone

    thumb Jeff Cox
Toronto Marketing Consultation

Marketing Consultation

Sometimes you need someone to talk to and to help you work out the details.  That’s where I come in.  If you’re struggling with your marketing plan and don’t know how to get it going, I can help.  I offer real-world, practical solutions.  Whether you are doing a product launch or a national campaign, I can get your ducks in a row.

Toronto Marketing Audits

Marketing Audits

This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your marketing problems. I believe in the importance of gathering objective data and metrics to aid in the development and evaluation of marketing strategies. I’ll work with you throughout the entire decision-making process to help drive success. Contact me today to find out how I can help.

Toronto Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Maybe your needs are a bit more fundamental?  You’re having trouble defining yourself and your company.  That’s where my branding skills come in.  I’ve built dozens of brands from scratch in almost every industry.  I will help you understand your competition better, your market better, and will work with you to craft a Unique Selling Proposition that your customers WANT.


Hiring the Toronto Marketing Consultant is easy.

Just choose a basic service below, or contact me to discuss your needs in further detail.




45-minute consultation

Discuss marketing objectives

Review marketing challenges

Discuss competitor landscape

Understand internal objections




Online marketing audit

Review social media activity

SEO audit

Website audit

Submit report with recommendations




Brand audit

Competitor brand analysis

Customer brand survey

Brand S.W.O.T.

Brand report outlining state of brand


As a trusted and respected Toronto marketing consultant, I can help deliver results across all of these facets to make sure you get a unified experience for your customers and meet your business’ needs on the bottom line.

Having a partner that understands that marketing is the most critical investment a brand or company will likely ever make is essential in aiding your business success. Marketing helps push sales, adds value to a brand, increases shareholder value, and even helps improve customer satisfaction. You need a trusted advisor that gets that!

Above all else, your marketing consultant should be able to LISTEN to you and your business partners about your goals and desires for what a successful marketing and branding campaign should look like.

Why a Toronto Marketing Consultant?
(Not to brag, but I’m so good, OTHER marketing agencies have hired me to do THEIR branding.)


Marketing Consultant in Toronto

Via my in-house expertise and my network of incredible creative partners, I’m able to help execute on:


Brand strategy

Marketing consultation

Company vision consultation and development

Advertising strategy

Creative development

Copy-writing and editing

Digital marketing strategy

Social media marketing

Mobile application development

Website design and development

Customer relationship management

Strategic planning

Public relations

Ideal customer identification

Unique selling proposition development

Marketing material development

Core messaging development

(I also make a mean cup of coffee.)

The Toronto Marketing Blog


Marketing consulting for business
(You can also think of me as your business’ best friend!)
I provide companies, brands entrepreneurs and business owners with one-on-one brand consulting and marketing strategic advisory to launch or grow their enterprises and businesses. I will work with you and your team to ensure you have the right brand, message, material and strategy to help you succeed. Contact me today if you need to:

  • Build your business
  • Develop a strong brand
  • Determine your marketing wants and needs
  • Have a strategic marketing or adverting plan with short and long-term objectives
  • Define metrics and analytics you can track and measure
  • Improve customer relations and loyalty
  • Grow into new markets or categories or gain new customers and clients


Trusted marketing and branding
I’m recognized by Toronto media as a thought-leader in marketing, branding and advertising, and have developed the distinction for ensuring clients meet their goals, and get maximum results and returns on their marketing and advertising dollars. For me, it’s all about growth: for brand awareness, for revenue and for sales.

My marketing agency background -having been president and founder of The A5 Agency for fifteen-years- allows me to provide my clients with a singular mix of brand insights, strategic focus, out-of-the-box thinking, amazing creativity, and stellar project guidance and execution.

Deploying and developing complex marketing plans for companies and brands big and small businesses has resulted in my clients’ successes, garnered praise and cheers from industry veterans and won the trust and admiration of even the biggest cynics in the field.

Having a deep bench to pull from is also a reason to work with me. Able to tap into my broad network of marketing, branding, and advertising specialists, I can offer my clients with the finest in graphic design, website development, social media marketing, SEO, media buying and PR experts.

My years of experience in vendor management and relations allow me to help my clients find the best solutions for their marketing needs without breaking the bank.


How can I get more sales?

How can I build a brand?

Why isn’t my marketing working?

Do I have the right business model?

What kind of website does my business need?

Is online marketing right for my business?

How do I choose a good advertising or marketing agency?

What can I do to improve my messaging?

How do I know if my copywriting is any good?

How can social media help my business grow?

What should my marketing budget be?

How can I improve my advertising results?

How do I better track ROI?

What do my customers really want?

Why isn’t my product or service selling?

Should I in-house my marketing or outsource it?

Who do I talk to learn more about marketing, advertising or branding?