Marketing Consultant in Toronto

Hiring a Toronto marketing consultant, before hiring a marketing company, can be the smartest business decision you will ever make.

Choosing the wrong marketing or advertising firm can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive mistake. It can even destroy your company. However, hiring the right one can set your brand alight.

So how do you know which agency to choose?

Well, ideally, you should first hire a marketing consultant in Toronto such as myself. My knowledge of marketing and branding and the needs and demands of businesses makes me ideal for helping you choose the right agency.

A marketing consultant will help you truly understand what your business requires regarding marketing, branding and advertising services.

Also, they will lay the foundational strategy so any competent agency can follow the plan to success.

However, in case you decide to go out on your own, here are some things to consider when choosing the right advertising or marketing firm.

Are you ready to give up control?

For a marketing agency or advertising firm to truly succeed, they need their clients to give up control to them. Success in marketing -especially digital marketing and advertising- often requires quick decisions, fast actions, and the ability to turn a strategy upside down if need be.

If yours is the kind of business that demands line-item reviews of every decision, then having an outside agency be your partner is not the right fit for you.

If you insist on reading every single social media post or every line of content that goes onto your website before it is published, then an agency is not the right fit for you.

If you want to approve every colour on every piece of marketing collateral sent to print, then an agency is not the right fit for you. Why? Because your marketing and advertising will grind to a halt.

Having a marketing consultant worry about all of that on your behalf is a much better investment to make.

Marketing consulting for business

Does the agency specialize in just one thing?

Best Toronto marketing consultant

There’s more to marketing than just SEO. Or PPC. Or social media marketing. Or branding. Or email marketing. Many agencies focus only on a few, narrow set of services.

This is ideal for many types of campaigns, and these kinds of agencies may be a great fit as part of a group of vendors.

However, your master agency, or master marketing partner, must understand all facets of marketing to a competent degree in order to MANAGE all the elements of your strategy.

Can you do that? Do you know about Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, brand strategy and media buying? Likely not. So if you are not careful, you are likely to get an agency that doesn’t understand things either.

A successful marketing strategy has many moving components to it that must work together flawlessly to achieve the objectives. Having a Toronto marketing consultant that can oversee all of these facets is critical.

(Marketing is -at the end of the day- a giant pain in the ass. Best to let someone else handle it. Like me.)



(For more than just my good looks.)

Trusted and respected Toronto marketing consultant


Is your website not performing well? Is attracting and converting leads an issue? Are your social media profiles invisible to the world? Do your sales consultations devolve into discussions on the price? You need help. With me as your Toronto marketing consultant, you can turn your marketing results around and finally get control of your success.

Steps to Great Marketing Plans


It’s not rocket science. It’s just good marketing. Over 15-years of Toronto marketing consulting experience has helped me develop a proven process to improve marketing and advertising results for my clients.


I’ll start off with a thorough audit. This will involve your current brand, marketing status, and competitive landscape. To ensure complete transparency and accuracy, I may recommend outside partners to conduct an in-depth analysis of your online marketing actives such as SEO, social media marketing, and digital advertising. This analysis is needed to ensure that any of my recommendations are not made in a vacuum.

I’ll also gather business intelligence from your firm via surveys of your staff, your customers, as well as secondary research on your competitors.


Once the Audit is completed, I’ll then conduct an in-depth analysis of all of your targets and goals. Then, I’ll discover if any opportunities exist for immediate or quick improvements in your branding, marketing, advertising or digital strategy. After, I’ll also develop a list of long-term actionable items that may need to be addressed should success be sustainable.


When I make my suggestions, I take the data I have accumulated and put it in simple English. I’ll suggest the best ways to exploit competitor weaknesses, your strengths or any gaps in the marketplace that you can fill the void at a profit. A grand strategy is revealed -often broken down into smaller projects- and suggestions for outside partners to work with to bring it all together is made. Afterward, a budget is drafted along with a spending schedule to track ROI.


I’ve been a marketing consultant in Toronto for over fifteen years, and my advice and suggestions are always backed by real-world initiatives.

As a trusted Toronto brand consultant and brand strategist, I’ve built brands from scratch, and I’ve even helped my clients develop entire business models.  Whether you need an audit of your existing advertising and marketing strategies or you need complete development of your sales initiatives, I’m here to help.

I can guide you through the maze of options to help you find the right mix of marketing and advertising services that will help you get the results you want.

My work with you is strictly confidential.  I don’t consult and talk!  I’ll be more than happy to sign your NDA if you so wish.

Let’s talk.