Why a Toronto Marketing Consultant?

“I can assist in finding you the RIGHT marketing agency or advertising firm  for you to provide solutions on time, in scope and on budget.”

The first thing many companies -whether they are small businesses or large enterprises- do when they need a Toronto marketing consultant is to Google “Toronto marketing agency” or “Toronto advertising firm.”

Big mistake.

Want to know a great way to waste a lot of time and money? Hiring a marketing agency or branding firm without knowing WHAT your marketing problems are, and exactly HOW you need to fix them.

For many businesses, the allure of a marketing or advertising firm is the idea of a “creative” solution. However, “creative” solutions are often the problem of marketing campaigns. Marketing is a strategic exercise, one in which every step must be carefully understood to ensure the end goal is met.

Many companies end up with beautiful websites and logos that don’t drive a dollar in profit, and marketing campaigns that don’t increase revenue or market share.

What most businesses need is a marketing consultant. A trusted advisor who can come in and review their situation to advise them on what they should focus on. Someone to work with them on improving their marketing, and suggesting the kinds of solutions they should be looking for.

A marketing consultant such as myself can also assist in finding you the RIGHT marketing agency or advertising firm to provide those solutions on time, in scope and on budget.


Many of the marketing and advertising agencies in Toronto aren’t a good fit for businesses looking to improve their marketing. They take advantage of the ignorance of their clients regarding the business of marketing.

As such, they charge more than they should. They offer services that their customers don’t require. Many offshore their labour without your knowledge. And in the end, they never address your REAL problems, because many of them believe complex marketing and advertising problems can be fixed with a new logo.

Many digital advertising companies also try and confuse their customers by overwhelming them with sophisticated analytics, technical jargon, acronyms and fancy theories. By the time the client has realized they’ve been had, it’s too late.

Sound familiar?

I believe that small-business marketing and big-brand advertising strategies must address critical business needs.

My advice and guidance revolve around the idea that marketing solutions should relate directly back to marketing problems.

My work is conducted transparently, and any outside partners always seamlessly work with my clients. As a result, there are NO SURPRISES when working with me.

My efforts are always geared towards one goal: helping you improve your business. I take pride in my capacity to exceed the expectations of my clients through devotion to detail, excellence and efficacy in all of my projects.

Set your marketing on fire!


With me acting as your marketing consultant, I’ll ensure that every marketing strategy and every marketing plan will be custom designed and fitted to your goals and requirements. I want to provide maximum impact on your brand, sales and revenues.

I understand that each of my clients has a different demand for their marketing strategies. Some require increased market share. Some are looking for improved online sales. Others need the integrations of multiple sub-brands into a single manageable brand. Regardless, I always insist on making sure they get the advice, counsel, and solutions that will meet their demands and improve their company’s overall marketing wellbeing.

“Stop wasting your marketing dollars! Talk to me today!”